A toast for the toaster

By hippieadventures on 2014.12.08 In Uncategorized

Recently I bought this cast iron toaster for 30 Sek (£3 ish) from a charity shop. It was a bargain and it goes to show again that you can have fun outdoors, without it costing you a penny, well without costing you a lot anyway. (If you are not lucky enough to find one in a charity shop you can get a similar one on ebay)

Making your food over fire is something really special. It must be the combination of having to wait for your food to get ready, warming your body from the heat of the fire and not once being able to get it perfect, but still every time it’s delicious.

What you need:

– A fire

– toast

– Way to much cheese

– and some kind of filling, tuna, tomato, gummy bears, what ever takes your fancy.

This is just the perfect activity a weekday evening, or a Sunday lunch, when you want to get out but not want a big project. I just love this thing, so a big toast for the toaster!





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