Via Ferrata in north of Sweden

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Most people who know me, know that I will jump at the chance of climbing up a mountain. So during the weekend up at the high coast I  had the opportunity to climb different via ferrata routes not only once but three times, man was I happy child.


This specific via Ferrata had 4 different routes, the easiest one is more or less like walking up a stair but without much margin to the 200 something metres steep beside you. The more difficult routes was more work, and you had to use your whole body to climb/pull yourself up.


After chilling out at the top just taking in the amazing view once again, we ran down again ready to do another route.


Via Ferrata is a great safe way to try out climbing, both children and adults can try it out, and I can imagine it’s a great activity to do together as a family or like us, a bunch of strangers that along the way became great friends!

Useful links:

Via ferrata

High coast own website about different activities.

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