Is it the sea or the lake?

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Directly translated it’s called the “High coastline”, very appropriate name since it’s the highest coastline in the world, and with a coastline 286 metres above sea level comes a view  hard to beat a sunny day.

I spent 3 days here for an outdoor festival called Utefest  The High coast area have plenty of outdoor activities to offer, hiking, trail running, kayaking and canoeing, fishing and of course my favourite climbing. So what ever is your cup of tea you’ll probably find it here. It’s also a good distance from Stockholm if you are visiting Sweden and don’t want to travel forever (Sweden is a looong country). Like this wasn’t enough to convince you too visit the area, in 2000 UNESCO listed this coastline as a world heritage site.start of the walk

On our very last day we drove the short distance from the village Docksta where we stayed to “Skuleskogens national park”. Shortly after entering the national park from the south side we walked past an area of stones, that 9000 years ago was the shore line. Since thenthese small island have risen to become high mountains. The fact that the land keep rising even today, makes the area ever changing and very interesting.



After just a short break we continued on to a massive mountain cleft, also a reminder from thousand years ago. Cold lava once made up the gap between these mountain, but when the massive inland ice melted it washed the lava stone away which was much weaker than the rest of the mountain.


We stopped for lunch at a lake by one of the many cottages you can stay in at night for free, just pick up a map at one of the entrances and they are all marked out. Lunch stop

All this and its just and I haven’t even got to the views of this place. As you might have already guessed it was outstanding, and walking up the mountain didn’t feel hard at all, partly because we went on a day trip and didn’t have a heavy bag to carry. Walking higher up the mountain was like revealing a few centermeter of a very beautiful painting, for every bit higher you got another island showed itself in the archipelago, until you got to the top where you could see the whole picture.

sea or lake2

In the picture above you can hardly tell the difference from the lake to the sea, but half way up the mountain was this beautiful lake where we stopped for lunch.



looking at the view


Useful links if you want to visit:

Skuleskogens Nationalpark.

Friluftsbyn: where we stayed.


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