Prague to Vienna by bike- the start

By hippieadventures on 2014.07.05 In Uncategorized

I knew nothing of the trip I was about to embark, and looking back not much about cycling long distance either. My friends had planned this adventure for a long long time, but me having changed jobs and generally been struggling for money thought I wasn’t going until the week before my flight was leaving from Copenhagen. With an expired passport, no bike, but with a way to heavy tent and 4 pairs of shoes all packed down in to a plastic bag, I somehow got on to my flight to Prague for a week of cycling towards Vienna.

The taxi driver at the airport informed me that it was currently 32 degrees as I was heading towards praha bike renting place, and suddenly my long jons and rain jacket seemed like an unnecessary weight to carry around. Hidden close to the old town square was a friendly group of cyclist enthusiasts, that not only rented out a bike to me, but helped me pack my bike the best way, giving me straps to attach all my stuff, looked up train times (my friends had already started so I had to catch up), and gave me some maps to get me started without my friends, just the kind of welcome I needed.

Now I was ready for the adventure (and the uphills) that was ahead.



Here we all on my first day cycling, just before the first hill.. to be continued

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