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So you might have spent hours on pinterest/ youtube or other social media looking at pictures of the great outdoors, or watched clips of Alex Honald free soloing. Being inspired and wanting to get out there doing the same, however you are still stuck in the “let’s go to the pub on a Friday night” mentality, not in a “let’s get in the car straight after work on Friday night so that we can start hiking/climbing early on Saturday”.  I have been there loads and loads of times, believe me, the outdoors sometimes feels like something so difficult and hard to reach, often the equipment for all these cool things to do seems to expensive to buy and even if you had the money for it all, you don’t know what to buy.

So whats the answer to all this “How do you get started with Climbing/ kayaking/ hiking/ camping, and all those other fantastic things you can do outdoors?”

 Pop the question (well not theee question), but ask to join a mountaineering group, or if you meet someone that do these kind of things, ask them to take them with you.

I didn’t have the gear for climbing outdoors or the books to check out routes, but I joined a group in Birmingham that showed me the ropes (literally). When I was there, I asked them to show me how to carry the ropes like a pro, how the different gradings worked, what helmet to buy, and much more. Most people are willing to share their passion. Do a simple google search for groups around you, join them and ask, ask, ask.


climbingMe after just completing my third outdoor climb.


I didn’t have a kayak or the money to rent one. So I asked my Brother in law to lend me one, and teach me some basic tips and safety.



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