Get lost, and eat blueberries

By hippieadventures on 2013.12.15 In Uncategorized

My friend Tom is a very cool guy who lived in a caravan in the forest when I first got to know him, works on a farm, and makes a lot of wooden stuff. Some months ago I went to see him and we went up a hill called the sugarloaf in Wales.





I was so exited to find blueberries since they are not as easy to find here in England as back in Sweden.



In the evening we went to a cool gig in a small town in Wales. 20131115-082917.jpgAte breakfast in a handmade bowl, with a handmade spoon with homemade apple jam. = happiness.


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  1. These are some very good memories Jenny. Great pics! Thanks for sharing my 30th Birthday with me. It was a good weekend. The Black Mountains of Wales are beautiful. I’ve got a new job in Stourbridge so I’m moving in with my Grandad after Christmas. We should go climbing, and have more hippie adventures! x

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