The peak district

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It’s home of one of my favourite state house, have some fantastic small villages, and amazing nature, and all these are reasons for me to return again and again. I have cycled from Manchester to Derby through the peaks a few years ago, but this time it was hiking on the agenda.

Me and some friends from Birmingham went up for a weekend, to stay at Edale youth hostel. Together we have a group membership card with the YHA, and for not very much you get to stay for one night and have someone cook for you in the end of a long day of walking.

– Sunrise – getting lost – afternoon tea – card games – beer festival – rain (Yes England…) amazing views.


One of my new discoveries was this area called the Roaches. Fantastic scenery and some great rocks for climbing if you are in to that.


My partner in crime, my backpack that goes with me to work, on weekend trips and up the mountain. 20131108-193427.jpg

I would like to share with you exactly how we got there, but unfortunately I can’t. At some point we didn’t only loose ourself but one of our cars as well, and as a result I checked in as luggage.20131108-193456.jpg


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