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Even though you live in a city there is plenty ways you can be Eco friendly and use the things the nature produce. For example pick apples and fill the freezer, perfect for apple pies, jam making, or just to have in your porridge in the mornings. It’s free and advent traveled from half across Europe or the country you live in. I found a few apple trees on the outskirts of Solihull a town close to where I live.

All you need is
A) a ladder
B) a good friend to hold the ladder
C) a lot of wooden crates. You can ask for wooden crates at your local fruit and veg shop, they normally give you them for free.

We weren’t planning to go picking apples this day so a suggestion is to wear appropriate clothes, not a skirt as I did…

I also suggest you read this blog post about all the wonderful benefits of eating apples.




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  1. Malwina wrote:

    When your friend are not available to hold the ladder, call me 😀

  2. And if you don’t have any apple trees your self; don’t hesitate to ask if you could buy some apples from they who have. If you ask – you may get it for free.

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