Going up

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My new years resolution this year was to start climbing. Me and a few friends got together and started an intro thing at one of the climbing centres in town. After the summer I really got started and now it’s become one of my favourite things to do. I love that its a mix of physical and mental challenge. My dream is to go on a climbing holiday somewhere next year, and be confident to climb outdoors.

If you want to get started most climbing centres offer some kind of taster sessions, and to start with you can always rent the harness and gear at the centre. When you know this is something you love (I promise you will), it is a bit of investment to buy all the stuff. Once that is done though it will last you for a while. I was lucky to find the exact shoe I wanted on ebay for only £20. I did buy the harness new though, because you have to put safety before the environment in this case. You never know how the harness has been treated before it has been put out on ebay.

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