Where it all started

By hippieadventures on 2013.11.07 In Living Sweden Uncategorized

It’s the start of my blogging adventure, (Yes! another adventure) we will head in to the forrest, up the mountains and down the unexplored caves, but before we get carried away in this beautiful and amazing world, let me introduce the forrest and nature closest to my heart.

I grew up on a farm in Sweden, close to one of the biggest national park in south of Sweden. It was not until I moved away to the big city Birmingham England, that I realised how much I love walking, swimming, and spending time in the nature.
But it was here it all started: where I built my first tree house, ice skated on the field, made fires, grew vegetables and much more.




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  2. Malwina wrote:

    Good luck with the adventure. Your house is so beautiful!

  3. Malwina wrote:

    Your house is so beautiful!!! Good luck with the adventure.

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